Winking WindThunder studio founded in Taipei, Taiwan. Later the year, The " Guardian's sword" game series made a huge success in greater China region and was also published in countries like Korea and Japan.


WindThunder Era Corporation was established. The company opened a branch located in Nanjing, China. In the mean time, produced the classic IP series "Heroine Anthem".


WindThunder Era Corporation changed its name into Winking Entertainment Corporation.
Next year, Shanghai Winking Entertainment Ltd. was established in Shanghai, China as the headquarter of the company.


"Heroine Anthem" won the GameStar Award for Best Art Designed, Best Sound Editing and Best Animated Feature.


"The Arabian Nights Online" was officially released. Winking started cooperation with Sega, Japan, Which allowed the company to enter game outsourcing business.


Winking Entertainment became the first game company in Intel Capital portfolio.


Winking Entertainment started long-term art outsourcing partnership with THQ, American publisher.
Winking ranked 4th in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 China 2007 and 10th in Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2007.


Winking original game IP "Tales of Heroes" was successfully released in Taiwan and was continually published in China, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.


"XAOC" was award top 10 "Most Expected Online Game" by MMOSite. And it was also awarded as top 10 MMO games in the E3 Expo. On the same year, the company obtained ISO9001 International Quality Management System.


Winking Entertainment was selected as Red Herring Top 100 Asia.


"XAOC Online" was officially released in Taiwan and won the voted for "Best Domestic MMORPG " silver place by Bahamutu, the most popular game site in Taiwan. And the game was successfully licensed to countries including Japan, Korea, Thailand and Turkey.


Entered the filming production and comic books industry. The self produced short film "Shimmer" won the Best Short Film in NYC Independent Film Festival. In the same year, the first XAOC comic book was published.


Well-known publisher, ChangYou, released online mobile game "Edge of Shadow" that was based on the storyline of Winking Entertainment's original IP "Heroine Anthem".


Winking Entertainment announced first VR game "Unearthing Mars" on SONY PlayStation VR.