Winking's Director talks about 5G gaming

The 5G Era is coming. Cities around the world are making a great effort to prepare for this technological advancement.

Located in a digital industrial park in Taipei, digiBlock is building a 5G digital lab, allowing research teams to test 5G connection on products, and hosting 5G topic forums. Digiblock enables researchers to communicate and exchange the lastest application for 5G.

The R&D team of Winking Studios in Taipei not only has been invited to be one of the first waves of test teams but also the invited speaker at 5G Wave on September 16th, 2020. Director MingFen Huang of Soft-World, a leading company of gaming in Taiwan, joined that stage and shared the influence of 5G towards the gaming market.

5G Wave Party

Representing Winking Studios, Director Henry Lee has worked in the game industry for more than a decade. He is well familiar with both game development and the global publishing department, and the changes in the gaming industry.

Lee first mentions the effects of the advent of 5G on the game industry, such as Cloud Gaming and a new trend for Mobile Gaming. Furthermore, Lee lists the obstacles Free Roam VR gaming is facing at the moment, like the inevitability of the massive and costly backpack computer; or the lack of bandwidth for games that connect through WiFi. The implication of 5G technology can solve most of these problems. Lastly, Lee encourages AR and VR industry to take advantage of 5G to bring more advanced products and services to our society.

The Q&A session after the speech brings attendees together for a more in depths discussion. Everyone sits in two circles to further discuss the application of 5G and its challenges. Some raised questions, and some shared opinions in the workshop. We are excited to see what 5G can bring us.

5G Wave Party 5G Wave Party 5G Wave Party 5G Wave Party