2020 Unreal Open Day Online: Winking Studios Keynote Speech

The 2020 Unreal Open Day received a warm welcome from game developers across the industry. This year, the Chairman of Archosaur Games, Qing Li, CEO of Lilith Games, Kenny Wang, CEO of miHoYo, Forrest Liu, and CEO of Winking Studios, Johnny Jan took and stage and shared some valuable experience at the main forum.

Unreal Open Day

Johnny Jan delivered a keynote speech that gathered nearly 500,000 people online. He shared the experience of how his team has changed by using Unreal Engine to develop games. Winking Studios has been using Unreal Engine since 2015. Until now, 500 employees have participated in the production of 35 projects developed by Unreal Engine, including games for console, PC platform, and mobile platform. The application of Unreal Engine even extended to the creation of an animation project from scratch, which granted an extensive experience of Unreal Engine in practicality.

Unreal Open Day

"Although there were obstacles along the way," Jan shared, "The growth was well worth it." Unreal Engine allowed us to, not only created stunning visuals but also gained success in the business.

If you wish to know more content, please watch the full speech!

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