Lineage 2M, the Good Old Classic is Here

Lineage 2M

As Korea's most classic IP, Lineage is undoubtedly one of the world's most successful online games. With their massive scale and unique siege gameplay, Lineage M and Lineage 2M have been at the top of the Korean mobile game bestseller since their launch. It attracted the attention and enthusiasm of countless new and old players.

With much anticipation, the MMORPG Lineage 2M, adapted from Lineage 2, was launched in Korea in 2019. Lineage 2M not only set a record for the highest pre-registering account in South Korea, but it also reached 7 million logins in just 57 days; exceeds $152 million in revenue in less than 3 months, becoming the highest revenue mobile game in South Korea. Lineage 2M is also the highest revenue game from the Lineage series.

Lineage 2M

NCSoft is a long-term partner of Winking Studios. Both parties have worked closely for more than a decade. We are honored to participate in the production of Lineage 2M. It uses the highest 4K UHD (Ultra-HD) resolution in mobile games to present exquisite 3D game graphics, far surpassing most mobile games on the market at this stage.

To pursue the ultimate visual enjoyment and gameplay experience, the art production team of Winking Studios spent three years, invested numerous hours, and adopted advanced technology to provide these next-generation 3D characters and refined action effects. Up to now, Winking still maintains a professional team, working with NCSoft to provide long-term update service for subsequent version development.

The character modeling of Lineage 2M has the magnitude that Korean games have always required. Lineage 2M kept multiple classes of Lineage 2 and added new occupations for players to select. After the character reached a higher level, it can be upgraded to unlock more character images.

In terms of animation, the action is both stunning and surprising. The character collision technology is particularly prominent. The characters will not overlap or cross each other, which surpasses many mobile games in many aspects. MMORPG has its inherent limitations, and Winking Studios, which participated in the production behind the scenes, is always striving to break through with such high demands, presenting excellent results for this project.

Lineage 2M has been open for pre-register in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Japan. This unforgettable adventure is waiting for players to explore.

Winking Studios will accompany players along the way, keeping an eye on the latest updates and discovering all the beauties Lineage 2M has to offer.