Rise Up to the Top: Staying Afloat while Keeping Up with the Gaming Industry

Taipei Game Developer Forum, TGDF, Taiwan's largest annual professional game development event, was broadcast live via Twitch this year. Thousands of participants watched the speeches from speakers around the globe on 7/10 and 7/11. During this time, attendees discussed the technological advancements in the game industry with one another.

Last year, Winking Studios introduced the current status of the global game art outsourcing industry at TGDF. In 2021, We continue to illustrate how to stay afloat while keeping up with the gaming industry. Howard Sun, operating director of Winking Studios shared during his speech, "In the 18 years since Winking's founding, many obstacles had risen, but Winking must always seize the opportunity again and again." 

TGDF 2021

Since the past few years, the global game industry has progressed and developed rapidly. Driven by the market size, product innovation, technology upgrades, and the intense competition for talents, powerful new startup teams have sprung up, making many international companies difficult to stay in the competition. Though some had kept their position in the industry, some of them walked off the stage sadly.

Sun mentioned that international game companies have invested heavily in developing new technologies and processes to ensure their leading position in the gaming industry. The speaker also explained the company's long-term commitment to independent research and development as well as constant exposure to the latest technology. Winking Studios has transformed into a partner role that retreats behind the scenes by implementing a better management system and undergoing positioning adjustments. With years of accumulated experience, hard-working, and practice of the newest technology, Winking Studios grows together with customers and assists customers to win. With the success of our customers, Winking Studios can continue to provide better services to our future partners.