Exclusive Interview with Trade Insight Biweekly: Future Opportunities in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is still a popular keyword in 2022. As a game company familiar with the Metaverse concept of the virtual world, Winking Studios Taipei office received an invitation for an exclusive interview by TAITRA, a non-profit government co-sponsored trade promotion organization. The interview is published on Trade Insight Biweekly, TAITRA's journal that focuses on the economy and technology.

The topic of the interview is Future Opportunities in the Metaverse, which mainly discussed how the gaming industry should operate in the trend of the Metaverse and the possibilities of opening future business opportunities in the Metaverse. In the interview, Winking Studios CEO Johnny Jan analyzed the crucial factors to accelerate the realization of the metaverse concept. Jan proposed that each game is like a sub-universe from the perspective of the game industry, connected to form the complete Metaverse. Jan also explained the importance of NFT digital assets in the Metaverse and how local game companies can take advantage of how closely related the Asian culture is to get ahead of others.


In addition, in the Interview, Howard Sun, Operations Director of Winking Studios, joined with experts in the fields of blockchain, VR devices, and fitness gathered to share the current changes in the industry and how to grasp future business opportunities in the Metaverse. 

"The essence of gaming is the closest to the concept depicted in the Metaverse," Sun shared. "So, game companies can create high-quality games to introduce a natural feeling when entering its virtual world." High-quality games usually require a massive initial investment or large companies to afford the production volume. The market value and the scale of Taiwanese game companies are still incomparable to other international giants. "With eight studios across the globe, Winking Studios had accumulated years and years of experience cooperating with major international developers," Sun said. "I believe that the inclusiveness of Taiwanese talents and the advantages of the hardware manufacturer's industrial chain can make game outsourcing a good development path for Taiwanese studios."


Future Opportunities in the Metaverse