2020-2021 Winking Studios Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report

Today, Winking Studios released the 2020-2021 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Report to reflect the efforts from three aspects: employees, society, and environmental protection. In response to the situation of the epidemic during this period, abiding by laws and regulations, and cooperating with government policies and guidelines, Winking Studios took the health of employees as the highest priority and implemented relevant epidemic prevention measures.

Since its establishment, in addition to the support of shareholders and investors, the concerted efforts of employees and the abundant resources provided by society have enabled the scale of Winking Studios to grow rapidly. Based on this, we not only fulfill our responsibility to give back to the community but also continues to expand its scope.

Under the current concept of sustainable development, Winking's corporate social responsibility goals will focus on social inclusion and environmental sustainability. While the company is growing its business, it will consider the well-being of future generations and the thinking of continuous ecological regeneration to create a better and more diverse world.

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