2022 Taiwan Original X Award Winner: Heroine Anthem ZERO II Scalescars Oath

On July 16, the first day of the Taipei Game Developers Forum (TGDF), chairman and CEO of Winking Studios, Johnny Jan, joined with Tavez Huang, the producer of the PC game Heroine Anthem Series to talk about the ups and downs during the development process. Their experiences in the development of video games include many challenges and impossible. The speech follows the timeline right after the downfall of Heroine Anthem ZERO I to the Overwhelmingly positive feedback of Heroine Anthem ZERO II. Heroine Anthem ZERO II also received the Taiwan Original X Awards 2022 by the Taiwan Game Industry Promotion Alliance(TGIPA) in the genre of the commercial videogame. We truly appreciate the recognition and the highly valued award.

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During the session in TGDF, Winking Studios's CEO Johnny Jan and producer Tavez Huang shared their extensive development experience with the viewers. They lead the audience to understand the production process, challenges, and the many stories behind the journey of development, hoping to give a better insight into game development to fellow developers.

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The Taipei Game Developers Forum (TGDF) event has entered its 10th year since it was held in 2012. Discussions and exchanges between Taiwanese and international game developers, not only drive the progress of the industry but also promote international cooperation. In the past, Winking Studios shared the current situation of the global game outsourcing industry, as well as how to develop new technologies to meet the competition in the game industry to ensure its leading position in the industry.