Winking shared the value of the naked-eye 3D technology, SpatialLabs™, in the gaming industry at Acer's global press conference at CES 2023

One of the world's largest technology events, CES 2023, is set to open on January 5. On January 3, Acer, a leading global technology company, held a successful global press conference in Las Vegas focused on its latest naked-eye 3D technology: SpatialLabs™. Li Ziting, General Manager of the Art Outsourcing Business Group at Winking, was invited to share the value of this technology in game art production at the press conference.

Acer SpatialLabs™ provides an immersive, interactive experience through advanced optical, display, and real-time rendering technologies. This technology integrates eye tracking solutions, 3D stereoscopic presentation, real-time rendering, AI technology, and the latest display and driver programs to provide users with a new dimension of visual experience. It truly brings digital content into the real world in naked-eye 3D presentation.


As a professional art outsourcing company with 20 years of experience, Winking has the most professional technical skills and the most mature experience in creating 3D content. After experiencing the SpatialLabs™ technology, our Art Director deeply understood that this technology can help us break free from the constraints of 2D vision and truly create and experience the visual effects of 3D; we also realized that there are many additional effects that can be extended in the production of 3D backgrounds that we have created in the past in the face of real visual depth. This technology has shown us the direction of the future development of games and has further strengthened our determination to create the highest quality and most engaging game content for players.


The SpatialLabs™ Model Viewer allows us to easily obtain 3D models from different 3D software such as Blender and Maya and automatically converts them into the SpatialLabs™ Model Viewer with just one click. This feature helps our 3D art designers to see the real-time effects of their models, including material, lighting type, direction, and surrounding environmental factors with real-time rendering.

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Before this global press conference, Winking has deeply experienced Acer's latest technology as a representative of senior game creator; at the same time, as an industry pioneer, Winking is always thinking about how to use the latest technology to create the highest quality game content for our customers and game players.