Where’s the most exciting end-of-year party? Winking brings you to a stunning Hanfu world!

Tonight, belongs to Winking!
Our annual end-of-year party is not only to celebrate the hard work and success of the past year but also to focus on hopping forward with a clear vision for 2023.

We are grateful and cherish every Winking member who joins this big family. The team is always the most precious wealth of Winking!


The party venue was fully decorated with traditional Chinese elements such as lanterns, banners, and flowers.


There was also an intangible cultural heritage market on site, we enjoined writing Spring Festival couplets, eating candied haws, and playing word puzzles.


Everyone was encouraged to dress in Hanfu, and many took the opportunity to showcase their own traditional attire.


The atmosphere was lively and festive, with everyone in high spirits.

2023_nanjing 2023_nanjing

Winking always encourages the spread of diverse cultures, supports everyone's love, and insists on providing the most comfortable, natural, and united working environment for Winking family!