Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War

This newest installment from Winking Corp provides high intensity FPS experience. Paired with PSVR aim controller, Unearthing Mars 2 is a promising game in 2018.


With its 4 hour gameplay and some secret in-game mechanics, Unearthing Mars 2 takes its players to a whole new level. You know those times when you tilt your head in real life just to tried to "dodge the bullet" in game? Well, let's just say Unearthing Mars 2 takes it all into its development. Unearthing Mars 2 is not a game for beginners. It requires high concentration and great reflexes. It's all about the boss battle and to dodge enemy's attack. Players also get to be amazed by the detailed visual of the environment.






  • FPS VR shooter, support PSVR aim controller and DS4
  • Features 6 or more guns for players to choose from various boss settings, increasing difficulty challenges
  • Able to trigger sharp focus, where within a split second of slowed time, the player is able to quickly aim and take down enemy weak points